A Wolf and Moon Appreciation Post

I have worked with Wolf and Moon three times now and it is always a pleasure! So I thought I would write something to document our journey together <3.

Wolf and Moon founder, Hannah, is a true Renaissance Woman; designer, ceramicist, creative director, photographer, business genius and bringer of good vibes.

Check out and purchase Wolf and Moon jewellery online here. It’s all handmade by a small but growing team of Babes in Hackney Downs Studios in London.

Here we are shooting her collection ‘Fjordlands’ way back in 2015, including fab block orange eyeshadow by Tabby Casto:

I love how Hannah used her own gorgeous photographs from a holiday in Norway as inspiration for the jewellery and juxtaposed the images together.


Hannah asked me to model again for ‘Collection No.6’ in early 2017.

See some of the inspiration for this collection here …(be sure to look at the rest of the blog - it’s rad and v inspiring!).

Here are a few of my faves from this shoot, all photographed by Hannah herself of course:

We worked together recently on ‘Collection No.9’,

a playful collection, combining unexpected materials with simple forms and movement. Mother of Pearl sit alongside walnut and brushed brass with striking accents in lilac and burnt orange. Designed for the modern woman, this bold and graphic collection includes eye-catching statement pieces and elevated essentials.”

I love the new collection and I’ve chosen my favourite pieces below. They’re both sets of earrings, SO SUE ME. Don’t @ me. They’re also both inspired by water! I went for the Ocean Earrings in Mother of Pearl (£85.00) and Waterfall Earrings in Blush (£75.00). As an experienced wearer of Wolf and Moon jewellery I can report that despite their size, they are very lightweight. How does she evoke the rippling of light on ocean waves so vividly yet with such a simple shape? Who knows?!1 Not me.

Get a load of this cute bag you can buy from the Wolf and Moon website, too! It’s made in Guatemala from recycled plastic.

Here’s some backstage magic from the ‘Collection No.9’ shoot. Spot Ludo, the Wolf and Moon studio dog and more great eyeshadow, this time from Rachael Thomas:

Basically, this is an ode to Hannah, her many skills and her amazing taste in everything.

Here’s some of my ultimate faves from our three shoots:

Thanks, Hannah! xoxo